PepsiCo 360° trends: Next generation insights from Trendscope

“We can distinguish between the emerging trends that matter and the many that don’t, and scientifically predict which trends will sustain growth, versus those that will fade away.”
Tim Warner
Vice President of Insights & Analytics, PepsiCo

Their Challenge

Like many food and beverages companies, PepsiCo want to stay relevant to consumers who are looking for healthier drink and snack options. Their challenge to us was how to better understand the rapid challenges in the market and respond smarter and faster than the competition, specifically:

  • How do they keep their finger on the pulse and detect trends earlier than the competition?

  • How can they distinguish between short-term fads and the long-term trends that really matter?

  • How do they get a clear view and understanding of consumer drivers and trends?

  • How can they respond faster to developing trends?

Our Approach

Using our Trendscope platform we helped Pepsico create a 360 Global trends capability programme. It enables PepsiCo to tap into Social data to scientifically predict emerging trends and understand the needs and wants of their consumers, before they even know themselves.

Specifically we used Trendscope to help Pepsico:

  • Analyse >500m conversations from twitter, news, blogs, forums and reviews across 11 key markets.

  • Create 12 key global category trend opportunities, exploring nuances at a country level.

  • Identify and prioritise 14,000 micro trends based on their predicted future importance.

The Impact

By putting human behaviour at the centre of their business, PepsiCo is building a new trend prediction competitive advantage.

  • There’s a continuous, global framework and single company-wide metric for analysing category trends and identifying new opportunities across its portfolio of markets and brands.

  • Identifying trends earlier has led to several new breakthrough product innovations launched ahead of the market including Bubly and Off The Eaten Path.

  • Ongoing stimulus and input into PepsiCo’s annual strategic planning process across R&D, Brand Development and Activation business functions.
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