Alcohol Reports

The Future of Alcoholic Beverages
25% of Gen Z are teetotal – so what are the rest of young people in the US drinking (or NOT drinking)?
Cost-Of-Living Crisis Report Innovating in Spirits & Liqueurs
Prices are going up, disposable incomes are shrinking, and consumer behaviours are changing. Even the most recession-proof sectors are feeling the impact of the Cost-of-Living Crisis. Our latest report analyses over 13 million consumer conversations to help Spirits & Liqueurs brands navigate these uncertain times.
How To Grow In Spirits & Liqueurs
The spirits & liqueurs category, traditionally associated with indulgence and quality, is rapidly being influenced by wellness trends. Today’s consumers want the best of both worlds: permissible pleasure that positively boosts their wellbeing. But how can brands serve both these needs at the same time?