The Future of Meals

The post-pandemic restaurant boom - in which newly liberated consumers spent aggressively on eating out – has ended. Rising prices and concerns over the cost-of-living have provoked consumers to turn to meals they can enjoy at home.
Products like Ready Meals and Meal-Kits are an ideal space for innovation in 2023-24. They are established products (with a growing demand) but are in need of a refresh to keep them relevant. 

Our latest report uses our front-end, innovation platform to analyze 138+ million online consumer conversations from the last 2 years to reveal the top predicted trends that brands should be actioning in their new product innovation strategies.

Read the report to find out:

1) Today’s drivers of change in Meals

2) Emerging trends that we predict will define the landscape tomorrow

3) Discover 3 innovation opportunities to activate in the Convenience Meals space

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