Food & Beverages Price & Value Report

The cost of eating and drinking has exploded, forcing people to drastically adjust their spending behavior. It’s crucial now, more than ever before, for CPGs to stay apace with consumers’ oscillating needs. To know where they are willing to spend, and perhaps more importantly, where they are not.

In our NEW report, we analyze 41+ million consumer conversations to examine the macro-movements which are shaping consumer behavior and zoom in on some of the specific products that are winning (and losing) in this inflationary environment. 

Read the report to find out:

1) How the online conversation about inflation has grown and changed in 2023.

2) Which Meals, Snacking, and Beverage products consumers are willing (are unwilling) to spend on.

3) How future-facing brands are already moving in to conquer these needs-spaces. 

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