Serving up new flavour innovations for PepsiCo

“We can distinguish between the emerging trends that matter and the many that don’t, and scientifically predict which trends will sustain growth, versus those that will fade away.”
Tim Warner
Vice President of Insights & Analytics, PepsiCo

Their Challenge

Following the success of new product launches: Pepsi Black, 7up Lemon Lemon and IZZE, PepsiCo asked us to use our trend prediction methodology to recommend new flavour innovations for their core beverage brands. The task was to identify themes and ingredients that would be relevant to each brand and appeal to their core demographics – both immediately and in the long-term.

Our Approach

  • Data built for innovation – We used our beverage dataset which contains millions of relevant and real-time consumer generated beverage conversations. By applying a brand specific lens on the data, we honed in on the topics most relevant to each brand e.g. flavours, functions, themes, and attitudes.

  • Association strength indexing – We identified the ingredients and flavours that were most strongly associated with each brand by consumers, and used this info to identify potential white-space opportunities.

  • Prediction – We analysed each ingredient’s Trend Prediction Value (TPV) to determine which flavours were best for immediate, medium (6-12 months) and long-term (12+ months) innovation.

The Impact

PepsiCo were able to prioritise their Innovation pipeline by using scientific metrics to inform which flavour variants and pairings should be launched and when. These insights have already helped PepsiCo create successful line extensions of some of their best-known brands, for example Pepsi Zero Ginger and Pepsi Zero Wild Cherry.
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