Surface and predict trends using data science


Surface, prioritise and predict consumer trends using data science
Trendscope Social Prediction™

Consumer Goods

Helping our clients make smarter decisions in increasingly fragmented marketplaces.

The world has changed

Never before have we lived in an age where so many have shared so much, or where this information has been so readily available. We utilise this pool of data as the world’s largest focus group, accurately mapping what has been before and predicting what will be in the future. Using data-driven methodologies gives our approach a scale, and objectivity, that could never be achieved using traditional research methodologies alone.

Our products and services

We work across a wide range of marketing and innovation challenges which can be summarised into four key areas: Surfacing, Predicting, Contextualising, and Optimising consumer insight.

Surface insights

We analyse social data to help brands understand the composition and evolution over time of conversations surrounding their category – effectively telling brands what is happening and why.

From the field

For Lipton Tea, we ran a category audit across 30 million conversations to surface insight territories, identify influencers and assess their innovation roadmap against consumer trends.

Predict trends

Our unique technology, Trendscope, helps brands define and prioritise future focus, effectively de-risking innovation decisions by objectively predicting consumer trends using data science

From the field

For an innovative Japanese consumer goods company, we tracked Healthy Beverage trends from the USA and UK. This allowed them to quantify and objectively predict what will be the next big ingredient trend to hit their market.

Contextualise data

We turn insights into ideas, execution and action. Adding the how and so what, and bringing concepts and product ideas to life through connected communities, ethnography studies and co-creation workshops.

From the field

For Vodafone, we set up bi-monthly pop-up communities (in line with development sprints) to ideate around features that would optimise the user experience.

Optimise ideas

Sonar our next-generation concept testing technology, helps brands validate, prioritise and refine their early-stage product ideas against millions of online conversations and data points.

From the field

For a global coffee chain, we tested 40 new beverage concepts within 72 hours. This meant they were able to prioritise and optimise high potential ideas at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional quantitative testing.

De-risking Pepsi’s innovation decisions

case study - Pepsi ginger

Pepsi challenged Black Swan to analyse the global online conversation surrounding Beverages to objectively scan, map, track and predict the key topics and trends that are likely to impact consumer behaviour in the future.

198 million consumer data points

Through the capabilities of our Nest platform and its topic expansion models, we ingested, enriched and categorised 198 million Beverage-related conversations, in five different languages, from the last two years of activity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as well as Blogs, Forums and Reviews. Effectively, we turned a sea of unstructured data into useful, organised information, allowing us to identify, track and analyse the naturally surfacing brands, ingredients, benefits and themes in the conversation.

What to innovate, where and when

case study - Pepsi lime

Using Trendscope, we identified the maturity stage and predicted the future trajectory of over 1,000 ingredients, 72 benefits and 52 themes in five different markets. This work effectively gave Pepsi an early warning, robust approach to predict what’s going to be the next big trend in the Beverage category.

What our clients say

“Your work has implications to project planning for our Global R&D team, Innovation and our Brand Positioning. Without a doubt, I am convinced that we will do product innovation differently thanks to this great body of work.”

Global Insights Director,

PepsiCo North America

“Our work with Black Swan enabled our brands to leverage the power of word-of-mouth at scale, identifying motivations and behaviours that consumers follow and look towards. In particular this helped us to prioritise, refine and find outstanding proposition options in the all-important health and wellness space.”

Global Insights Director,

Lipton Tea