Surface and predict trends using data science


Surface, prioritise and predict consumer trends using data science
Trendscope Social Prediction™


Designing with science, make your marketing stand out from the crowd.


Dragonfly uses an algorithm emulating how the eye and brain works to predict which areas of your marketing materials will grab customers’ attention.

How it works

Designing with science

Dragonfly was developed in collaboration with top scientists at Queen Mary University of London and is based on a deep understanding of the neural architectures in the visual cortex.

Virtual heatmap

By accurately replicating how the eye and brain processes differences in light and shape, Dragonfly assigns each pixel with a numeric saliency value, turning this data into a virtual 'heatmap'.

Any time, any place

Dragonfly works for any image you can capture on an iPhone or iPad , instantly creating the heatmap with helpful grid indexing, so you can immediately test and fine-tune designs.

Key features

A/B Testing

Test two designs side by side to determine which is the most effective.


Use your ipad or iphone to analyse your content and create an immediate read-out on creative performance.

Website discovery

Built in URL analysis lets you see what stands out to users on your website, as well as what they’re not finding.

Batch analysis

In a hurry? Import multiple images at once, and auto-run the saliency identifier.

Dragonfly mobile app

From the field...

Users have reported website sales conversion increases of up to 40%. Existing clients include agencies, media owners and brands looking to analyse a broad range of their visual content – from out-of-home sites and content, to pitch preparation, retail packaging and point of sale.

“Dragonfly has assisted us by offering a unique and absolute way to identify the impact of visual noise that an airport environment has on the travelling passenger. The output has allowed us to identify quickly what areas need focus for de-cluttering efforts.”

Head of Customer Experience,

Dubai Airport

“We will be looking to use Dragonfly as an evaluation tool for media banners and their impact in situ on the retailer sites. We will also be looking at the impact of our pack shots on the virtual aisles and checking to see what weaknesses we have in our artwork.”

e-commerce Growth and Innovation Manager,