IAG partnered with Black Swan and Visual Design agency MASSIVE in early 2017 to deliver a fully integrated solution for LEVEL. International Airlines Group’s (IAG) new long-haul low cost airline brand took to the skies in June 2017 flying from Barcelona to Los Angeles, San Francisco (Oakland), Buenos Aires and Punta Cana.

LEVEL Backseat app on airplane

Those travelling in economy can manage their inflight experience via a fully integrated seatback portal which allows passengers to browse and purchase food, drinks, amenity kits, Duty Free and Wi-Fi packages and provides access to the latest entertainment releases and audio.

LEVEL mobile app

By partnering with Black Swan, Panasonic, VISA, Cybersource and First Data IAG delivered a solution to manage payments through its innovative Pair & Pay functionality which is unique to LEVEL and the first in the airline industry.

Using their personal devices, passengers can create an account and add a payment card to make payments directly from their seat or mobile devices without getting input from crew members. Passengers can also pay by cash by calling a member of the crew. Highly secure handshaking mechanisms enable communication and integration between the seatback portal and passengers’ personal electronic devices. This allows secure payment checkout without customers needing to enter payment details on the publicly accessible seat interactive. Through the use of cryptography, payments can still be made while the aircraft is offline which enables normal operation to continue when internet connectivity is not available.

Orders are received by the Crew Portal which is available as an application on smartphones that have been issued to cabin crew. The App has been created and developed entirely to meet the unique retail environment on-board an aircraft. Cabin zones are assigned to individual crew members for orders to be managed and fulfilled. Push notifications alert the crew when an order has been received. The solution is fully integrated to a real time inventory management system, allowing passengers to only purchase items that have stock availability. The App provides the crew with a complete view of the passenger order history and payment processing. Refund management can also be done using the app to avoid the need for after flight processes.

The solution is fully integrated across multiple platforms, connectivity and payment providers. This gives LEVEL a holistic view of usage through automated reports providing insights and metrics not possible before now. Over time this will be developed and integrated with other sources of data to provide a full view of customer behaviours and preferences.

This amazing piece of technology was designed, architected, developed, tested and delivered end to end in a record breaking 12 weeks to meet the June 1st inaugural flight.

With this new technology LEVEL is able to deploy updates as needed to the aircraft so it can respond quickly to ensure the crew and passenger experience is optimised. The journey doesn’t end here. New and exciting features are in the pipeline!