Surface and predict trends using data science


Surface, prioritise and predict consumer trends using data science
Trendscope Social Prediction™


The engine that drives Black Swan’s powerful suite of data analytics products and solutions.

Unlock real business impact from data

We live in the age of the data revolution – never before have so many shared so much, or has this information been so readily available. But capturing, connecting and analysing this data is difficult. It’s diverse in type, stored in disconnected, siloed systems and growing exponentially all the time. Our Nest platform allows disparate structured and unstructured data-sets to be collected, enriched and combined to create powerful business intelligence tools and predictive models.

Natural Language Processing Data Enrichment

One example of how Nest enriches data is though our world-class natural language processing (NLP) capability. NLP allows meaning to be found from large sets of unstructured texts, such as social media, news and blogs, in over 30 global languages.

natural language processing connects the data in unstructured texts
‘You shall know a word by the company it keeps’ – John Firth, 1957
‘You shall know a word by the company it keeps’ – John Firth, 1957

NLP enrichment goes beyond simply tracking or counting the number of keywords in a data-set: it statistically interrogates the ‘company’ a word keeps (ie: other related words or phrases within the same tweet), and then the company that connected words keep, and so on and so forth. This is repeated millions of times to analyse and map connections into a single, coherent model, transforming unstructured data into meaningful objects and relationships – people, places, products, ingredients, occasions, events – and finding the correlations between them.

NLP in practice

When executed using large data-sets, the results can be extremely powerful. For example, we used the Nest and NLP analysis to combine social media and environmental weather data to find the conversation signals and physical triggers that would pre-empt a cold and flu virus flare-up. Our results predicted an outbreak with hyper-local accuracy a full four days ahead of any local authority advice.

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A remarkable team at your disposal

We offer engagement sprints that give clients impartial advice on data science strategy, whether or not they intend to scope a future project with us. Our wealth of experience in this area means we understand how to frame and approach the fundamental questions at the start of a project – key to determining its success or failure.

Engagement sprints can be especially useful for those who initially simply want advice on unlocking value from data and to see how it can be used to apply predictive analytics. How they work:

intro to data science
We give an intro to applied data science
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consultant embeds with clients
A consultant embeds with you for workshops and shadowing
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analysing data of clients
We take samples of your data for evaluation
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discussing the result with experts
We circulate the case among our experts
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report to clinents
We report back with findings and strategy