With consumers in a hurry and dozens of visual brand messages competing for their time, catching the eye is crucial. Dragonfly replicates how the human eye actually works so you can make sure your marketing stands out from the crowd.

Design with science

Dragonfly uses an algorithm based on a mathematical formula that replicates the way the human brain function conducts visual analysis, applying the formula to individual pixels to create a heat map of visual saliency. This has proven a big help to marketers looking to optimise user journeys improving sales conversions by factors 10-40%.

Simple & Rapid Analysis

Utilises intrinsic image processing so the saliency colour temperature appears straight away.

A/B Testing

In built A/B tools to test two designs side by side to determine which of them is the most effective – part of the design process.

Real Time

Use your iPad or iPhone to analyse your content and create an immediate read-out on creative performance

Saliency Identifier

Immediately shows you the top five areas of highest saliency, with helpful grid indexing to identify which parts of the customer journey are performing best
Dragonfly mimics how the eye works to reveal visual saliency. Using Dragonfly clients can review the effectiveness or their marketing collateral.

Website Discovery

Built in URL analysis lets you see what users are seeing on your website, as well as what they’re not finding

Region Analysis

Delve deeper into your content to pinpoint the key areas of importance, and discover whether your consumer is seeing it the same way

Adjustable For Context

Multiple grids allow you to analyse content in different grid resolutions, according to the richness of the content

Batch Analysis

In a hurry? Import multiple images at once, and auto-run the saliency identifier

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